Video games are a big deal. They’re more popular and profitable than music, movies, books, and Beanie Babies. That’s right! Bigger than Beanies! Yet despite their ubiquity, few outlets dig into the history of games and how they’re made.

My name is David L. Craddock, and I’m a writer who loves to tell those stories.

Episodic Content is my serial webzine where I tell stories of how games are made, the people who make them, and the culture that surrounds them. Each story takes you behind closed doors to watch as murky ideas coalesce into interactive experiences. You’ll fall into step alongside developers as they clash over creative decisions; quit their day jobs and pour every last cent into building their dream game; balance the demands of work and family; and traverse the peaks and valleys of game development as projects flourish or fail.

You can read Episodic Content for free at EpisodicContentMag.com. If you enjoy it, consider kicking in money by “tipping” me through Patreon. How much? You decide. A buck or two per article would be great, but I won’t say no to more. You’ll be charged your tip amount for each piece of content I post (usually 4-5 per month), and you can put a limit on your tips to avoid going over a certain amount. Alternatively, you can send me one-time donations through PayPal.

Supporting Episodic Content through Patreon or PayPal helps me cover expenses like editors and cover designers, and affords me the opportunity to spend more time on research and interviews. Plus, I’m independent. I am never paid by developers or companies. Being independent lets me tell you the stories that happened, not the stories focus-tested by PR firms and whitewashed by executives for the sake of their investors.

Writing stories that chronicle the art and craftsmanship of video games isn’t just what I love to do; it’s critical to preserving the history of our hobby. The stories told in Episodic Content are more than stories about video games. They are stories of creative expression, of innovation, and of people dreaming big dreams. Not all of those stories have happy endings, but all deserve to be told.

Happy reading, and happy gaming,

David L. Craddock

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