Praise for Episodic Content

FargoBrianIt’s important to have someone like David trying to capture the history of our industry while it is happening. There are fascinating and important stories behind most every company and game that shed light on the drama that accompanies development. Brian Fargo, founder of Interplay Entertainment and inXile Entertainment

GarriottRichardDavid Craddock’s work to capture the trials and successes of the digital entertainment industry and the people who drive it is both inspiring and important. The whole industry only began a few decades ago, and is now the most powerful entertainment segment, towering over movies, television, and books in global impact. Capturing these stories, these struggles, allows us to reflect on where we have been and help shape the journey we will share into the future. Richard “Lord British” Garriott, designer of the Ultima games

MillerScottI love David’s engaging and insightful writing on the making of games. He has a deep knowledge of the gaming industry, and a riveting style that puts you right in the middle of the story, like you were a fly on the wall during development. I definitely look forward to supporting his ongoing work, as he’s the only writer I’m aware of who covers historically important, behind-the-scenes gaming that few other writers could pull off so well. Scott Miller, founder of Apogee/3D Realms

LeeTeddy“Cool Beans.” Teddy Lee, cofounder of Cellar Door Games and designer of Rogue Legacy

Photo credit: Tom Hall.

David has a great way of telling the story behind games. Anyone who loves games will dig these true tales of how games get made and the thoughts and travails of the people behind them. Tom Hall, co-founder of id Software and designer of Commander Keen, Rise of the Triad: The Dark War, and Anachronox

SutherlandChrisI’m familiar with David Craddock’s writing by virtue of his article for RETRO Videogame Magazine on the making of Donkey Kong Country. From the exacting questions he posed to me, I could tell that this was someone who’d extensively researched not just that topic, but game development in general. David cross-referenced information with multiple sources to ensure not just accuracy, but an article bursting with entertaining anecdotes and facts. With David’s new project, it will be exciting to see light being shined on key moments in game development history. Chris Sutherland, lead programmer on Donkey Kong Country 1-2, Banjo-Kazooie

BartonMattI highly recommend David’s awesome books. David not only meticulously researches them, but spins all this history into fascinating and exciting yarns that’d be interested even to non-gamers. Please support David; we need more serious authors like him writing on game history and getting beyond the fluff, marketing hype, and wanna-be journalism typical of the industry. -Matt Barton, game historian, author, and creator of Matt Chat

KayserDanielDavid Craddock has a knack for immersing his readers into the game worlds he explores. It’s a key reason as to why I would love to see him produce entertaining, informative content pertaining to the people and processes associated with making some of the most interesting games in our industry. If you haven’t read his work yet, you absolutely should. David is quickly becoming a trusted voice and valuable resource within the world of interactive entertainment. -Daniel Kayser, product marketing manager for Unreal Engine at Epic Games, former editor-in-chief of RETRO Videogame Magazine